craig frazier does a lot of designs in the form of posters, trademarks, packaging and brochures. he has a lot of bright colored artworks and a good bunch of odd illustrations in his collection. his blog site is simple and clean and very appealing to look at. after i looked at his collection illustrations, i ended up wanting to look at his other pages and designs and i wasn’t let down.

gordon studer was a very unique artist. his style isn’t particularily apeasing to me but it also isn’t something you see much of. his portfolio has a few pages of designs that he created which i am having trouble describing. he uses a variety of techniques and combines images that look realistic and cartoonish bodies. one that i did enjoy, was his national public works week poster in 2007 (page 3). his combination of lively colors seemingly alive images makes me look at the poster as a cycle going around clockwise looking at everything that’s going on from roads to tunnels to airplanes in the sky.

alicia buelow

alicia buelow’s blog was a like/dislike type of feeling. i looked through a few of her illustration categories and there were some that i really liked and others that wern’t very appealing to me. website design and the artist for literacy spash page was another that i really liked. she also had a lot of cd covers that i really liked such as the big red sun and blame sally. these had wonderful illustrations and nicely matched colors. one that i didn’t like was the kity rose website design. it looked too oldish to me and she tried to mix in some newish designs to make up for it and i don’t think it flows extremely well.