illustration and links

i found ron chan’s studio very intriguing and one of my first illustrator dedicated websites i have looked at. the first “item” offered by mr. chan was his illustrations. they were offered in a way that was appeasing to flip through and that’s exactly what i did. ron’s color choice was simply brilliant. one after the other each illustration surprised me at how he used color and shape to create such a positive image and illustration of life; all of them except illustrations 9 and 12 which were titled “american way magazine” and “nightmare remodel” which had quite a different spin because the people in them were either annoyed or unhappy. those were just a few things i noticed that were particularly interesting to me.

one of the links ron chan sent me to was to another interesting artist named dan yaccarino at i clicked through some of his other links and most of them didn’t catch my eye the way dan’s page did. his illustrations stood out very brightly and made me take a second and a third glance. they were quite simple, yet exciting and he also does charachter design. one that was very familiar were the characters from the backyardigans. this is a telvision show that my nephew and neice watch a lot and i was stuck watching lots of episodes with them. this is very cool & now i can connect illustrator and real life useage.