the importance of a good name

I read one of mordy’s blog posts titled “the importance of a good name” and found it very interesting because it’s something I never did in the past (or at least not often) and something I have never given much thought to. If you are working on a project that has meaning to you and you aren’t just randomly doodling and working on an abstract piece, then it’s important to distinguish your layer’s with names and not just the default “layer 1, pattern 12, gradient 3”. Not only does it add meaning and a more personal touch to your work, but it also makes your work more efficent and organized. Mordy’s blog states that “if you stop to think about it, the names that Adobe gives to their tools and functions has a huge impact on how we perceive those tools and on how we use them,” and I totally agree. brightness/contrast not just “not bad,” it’s actually great”

Deke’s blog and website is filled with lots of nice tutorials and informative tips for graphic designers. one in particular was about the importance of brightness and contrast. deke and me have something in common because he admitted that for the first six or so months of using photoshop he used the brightness and contrast command for nearly all of his adjustment works. i am interested to read that in cs2 it was known that the particular command did more harm than good, but it was “reinvented” in cs3 and it “can breathe life into your colors and dramatically improve an image with little effort.” It suprises me because most of the work i have done in photoshop was in cs2 and i noticed my unintentional overuse of the brightness/contrast and how it effected some of my work and it’s good to hear that it’s not a necessarily bad habbit anymore.